12 April - Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! He is Risen!!   He is Risen indeed!!!

Lets start Sunday school today with a thank you prayer to Jesus for dying and rising for us, so we can be with him forever! And let’s also not forget to pray for Renz!!

Welcome to a very special Sunday school today! This is my favourite Sunday of the whole year, and not just because of the chocolate!!!

As you all know, today is Easter Sunday! I am sure most of you woke up to chocolate eggs, or maybe some hot cross buns? Easter is a really fun day! But… a couple of days ago, on Friday, the saddest day of all happened. Today we are going to watch a movie, and learn a bit about this special time.

Ask you’re mum or dad to put this movie on for you. (And remember, even if some of the story is sad, we already know the end, and it has a very happy ending!)

Friday was sad, but Sunday was glad!!
(Watch movie “the story of easter” (Jesus sacrifice) on YouTube.)

What an awesome story this is!! Do you want to do a pop quiz? (Hope your mums got choccies ready!!)

  1. Why did the Jewish leaders want to get rid of Jesus? (Because the religious leaders didn’ like the miracles he did and they didn’t like him saying he was God.)

2. Who did they pay to betray Jesus? ( one of his disciples, one of Jesus’s best friends, Judas.

  1. Tell your mum or dad what happened on Good Friday- the saddest day.

  2. Jesus was put in a tomb and stayed there until Sunday. Then what happened on this gladdest day? (He rose!!! Yah!!!)

  3. So why did Jesus die and rise again? (For you, for me, for everyone!!! Because he loves us so much and wants to spend eternity with us!!)

Wow that’s an awesome story! And that’s why today is such a happy day!! Lets remember today why we celebrate as we eat our chocolate eggs and maybe our hot cross buns! And don’t forget to say “thank you Jesus” for what he did for us all!

There is another little movie that you might want to watch, and I think your parents might like it too! Its the same amazing story, but some Sunday school kids have acted it out and I think you might like it.

(Watch YouTube”little easter” )
Happy Easter kids,

Karen x

P.S. Here are some Easter crafts to enjoy.

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