Hi everyone,


Welcome to Kids Church this week! We are starting a new series today. Just like your parents in church, we will be learning about Jesus from the book of Mark in the bible, but first, let’s pray, thank God for loving and caring for us, and for Renz.


So this week is an introduction into Mark, and tells us about a man called John (or John the Baptist). This man was actually Jesus’ cousin, and came to tell people Jesus was coming!


Get mum or dad to put this little movie on for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-Wh-A20dSg

Its pretty cool to think that in the Old Testament, in the book of Isaiah, Isaiah talks about John the Baptist coming before Jesus, and then in Mark, we read he did, all those years later!

He came to tell people to get ready for Jesus to come and how awesome he will be.


Pop quiz!!!! (Get the lollies ready mum!!!)


Can you remember what John the Baptist wore? (Camels hair and a leather belt! How scratchy would that be??!!)


What did he eat? (Grasshoppers and honey- mmmmm crunchy and sweet!!!!)


And, why did he come? (To tell people to get ready because Jesus was coming)


So, how do we get ready for Jesus coming again? (We need to repent, (which means saying sorry to God for the things we’ve done wrong). And ask Jesus to come and live in our hearts.)


I hope you got all those questions right, because that would mean 4 lollies each!!!


Next week we are going to learn more about Jesus, and some amazing stories about him in the book of Mark. Maybe you might want to get your parents to read a bit of this awesome book with you this week!


Have a great week!

Karen x

Sneak Peek of what happens next.......      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAeyW-BV5cY

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What John ate...