Jesus Heals the paralysed man.                      Mark 2: 1-12.


Hi guys,

I hope you’ve all had a great week and enjoyed being on school holidays!! I can’t wait until we can be together again at church and hear all about the great things you’ve been doing!!


Today we are going to look at a miracle that Jesus performed in the book of Mark. Jesus performed so many miracles, but we had to choose just one for today. (Mums and Dads, you might want to read some of the other cool ones to your kids this week, it’s amazing how many crazy miracles Jesus performed, each one clearly showing he was God!!)



In Mark 2:1-12, we read about a paralysed man. Does anyone know what it means to be paralysed? It means his legs, and maybe even his arms and his body couldn’t move .How bad would that be?! Imagine if you needed to get dressed? What about going to the bathroom? Or trying to play with your friends? Life would be hard, wouldn’t it?


We are going to watch a movie, think about the faith (or trust) the paralysed man and his friends had in Jesus, to go to the trouble to get the man to Jesus, and also think about how Jesus proves he is God, to not only the man and his friends, but to all the people there!! Enjoy the movie!!



What a cool miracle was that? I’m not sure how happy your parents would be if your friends cut a hole in their roof, but, how awesome would it have been to be there and seen it happen!!!


Did you notice the first thing Jesus said to the man when he saw him? He said “Son, your sins are forgiven”. Im sure that’s not what everyone was expecting to hear, but Jesus said this for 2 reasons. Firstly, because even though the guys body needed help, Jesus knew that much more important than that was his heart needed help! He needed to be healed of his sins1 (the wrong things he had done).  And only God can do that!!! And Also, he wanted all the people there to see that he was God, and that he had been given the power to heal bodies and forgive sins!


So, Jesus actually performed 2 miracles on that day, and healed the man twice!! Once for his sins and then his body!! What a cool God we have!!


Let’s thank God for the amazing things that God does for us and that he knows what we need even more than we do! Also, don’t forget to pray for Renz while you’re talking to God.


Have a great week guys,

Karen x


P.S. I decided to make my own little man that Jesus healed, maybe you could make one too, out of paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners, or paper!!  Get your parents to take a photo and send it to me! I’d love to see some cool crafts that remind us of what the bible teaches us!!

stick man.jpg
paralysed man.PNG
mark jhapm.jpg