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Jesus Heals Bartimaeus the blind man. 17th May 2020  



Hi Kids Church Kids!

Welcome to our lesson today! Today we will be learning about a story in the bible in Mark 10: 46-52. Its a story about a blind man named Bartimaeus, we might call him Bart, who Jesus Heals and gives back his sight! Lets watch this little movie about Bart and Jesus, and maybe look it up in your bible and have a read of the story too! (Mark 10:46-52)




POP QUIZ!!!!! (Get out the lollies Mum!!!!)

  1. People told Bart to stop calling out “Jesus have mercy on me”. Why did they want him to be quiet?  

They didn’t think people should yell out to Jesus, it was embarrassing!!! But that’s exactly what Jesus wants us to do!!! Call out to him when we need him!!!


  1. What did Bart ask Jesus to do?

 “Have mercy on me”  “I want to see”!!


  1. What did Jesus say back? 

“Your faith has healed you! Receive your sight!!!” 

 He was healed because he trusted God.


  1. What did he do after he was healed? 

He praised God and followed him.

 Lots of people in the bible were healed, and lots of people just went home after they got what they wanted, but not good ol’ Bart! He behaved how Gods wants us to- He FOLLOWED HIM!! WAY TO GO BART! 



Sometimes we are like a blind man and needs Jesus to heal us- we live in darkness until Jesus comes into our hearts. When we have sin in our lives (things that God doesn’t want us to do), we are living like the blind man walking in darkness. 


In the bible Jesus says “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

So on that day that Jesus healed Bartimaeus, he did 2 miracles again! He healed his eyes, AND his heart! 

Jesus is offering us the same thing! He wants to heal us so we can see with our spiritual eyes, and see the path to eternal life to him in heaven!

So, just like Bart did, we need to ask Jesus to have mercy on us, and tell him we “want to see” too - See Jesus!!!


Lets pray.

 Dear Jesus,

thank you for being able to heal people when they are sick. Thank you also that you can heal our hearts, and help us to see you. 

Also, take care of the sick at this time, and we also pray for Renz, his family and the people you have given to care for him.

In Jesus name, Amen.



Last week you guys had so much craft to get through! I hope you enjoyed it and made your mums something nice! 

This week, I thought Id just show you some photos of my Bartimaeus that I made at home!


You need to grab a couple of paper plates or cut out a couple of circles out of cardboard, sticky tape or staple them together with a stick in between, and then draw faces onto them!! 

Make sure when you do the face of Bartimaeus being able to see that he also has a HUGE smile!!!!


Have a great week guys!

Love Karen x

Screenshot 2020-05-16 20.25.24.png
Image 15-5-20 at 12.32 pm (4).jpg