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MARK 14:12-26. The Last Supper.


Hi guys,

Welcome to kids church today! I hope you’ve had a great week, and all enjoying being back to school!!

Today we are going to learn about the last supper. This is the last meal that Jesus ate with his disciples before he died on the cross. This is also the reason at church we do “communion” together, to remember Jesus telling us to do it to remember him.


Lets watch this little movie. 





So lets talk about this last supper. This was the start of a festival called Passover, when Gods people would sacrifice a lamb to God, to celebrate God leading his people out of Egypt by Moses. 

Through Jesus’ death, he showed that from then on there was no need to sacrifice anything, because he became the sacrifice for us!  Jesus was the lamb of God!!! 

Its really cool that when we look at the bible, Jesus is proven true by all of the Old Testament  stories, that already spoke of him coming and then they are proven in the New Testament. Did you know there are 100 verses in the bible that talk about Jesus being the lamb of God? This is where this comes true!! 



Jesus told his disciples to remember him while they ate the bread. Why did he do that? What did the bread represent?

The bread was his body, that was broken for us.


Jesus also told his disciples to remember him while they drink the wine. What did that represent?

The wine was his blood, which was poured out for the forgiveness of OUR sins.


We still do this in church to help us remember together as a church family what Jesus did for us. 


What did Jesus predict about himself?

He was going to die soon! Jesus said “I will not drink again from the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the Kingdom of God”. He was talking about being in heaven with God, and knew it was his last meal.


Jesus knew a friend would betray him. Who was that? 

Judas Iscariot. How sad that would have been for Jesus to know his friend would betray him like that. Have you ever had a friend hurt you? But even while this was happening, Jesus knew this had to happen, to save us all! Jesus didn’t get angry with Judas, he comforted and encouraged his friends.


What did Jesus and how disciples do after they had eaten their meal?

They sang songs together! (They sang prayers to God!)


Maybe you can make up a song to God? Lets turn our prayer into a rhyme today, then you could sing it to God!!


“Dear Lord we thank you for all you do,

We want to tell you that we love you.

Thank you for loving us every day,

Help us to serve you in every way.

Let us be kind, loving and a friend,

Just like Jesus, right to the end.



Maybe you can talk to your parents about having your own communion at home with them? Thanking Jesus for the bread (his body) that broke for us, and the wine (juice!), the blood that he poured out for our sins. 


Look at the  photos of a damper that I made, maybe you’d like to make some to use with your communion!!

Have a good week kids,

Love Karen. x





P.S. Damper Recipe.


2 cups S.R. flour

1 tablespoon sugar

1 pinch of salt

1 tablespoon butter

1 Cup milk


Heat the oven to 180, and line a tray.

  1. Stir the flour, sugar and salt together

  2. Add butter and rub in with your fingertips

  3. Add milk, stir it with a butter knife. (The dough should be pretty soft, not too sticky)

  4. Put it on a floured board and shape into a smooth ball

  5. Cut a cross shape in the top and brush w with a little milk

  6. Bake for about 30 mins.

YUMMY!!! Serve hot with lots of butter or golden syrup!!!

lsws image.JPG
ls image.JPG