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Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the amazing life (and death) of Jesus which was written down so that we could learn about him even though we didn't see him with our own eyes.  We learned about lots of miracles from the book of Mark - all of which showed that Jesus was not just an ordinary person - he is the son of God. 

God has always had a plan to save people from their sins.  He told his people, a long time before Jesus, that he would be sending someone very special to save them.

Do you remember learning that a really long time ago God made promises to a man called Abraham. Part of that promise was that God's people would become a great nation and have their own land.

Today we are starting a new series in a book of the bible called Deuteronomy. Can you look in the index and see what number book this is in the bible?  

Deuteronomy was written a long time before Jesus. God's people were starting to grow into a big nation but they didn't have their own land yet. They have been recused from slavery in Egypt but they hadn't got into the amazing new land that God had promised them.  The man who is leading the people is Moses.  Here are two quick movie recaps about Moses. 



In the book of Deuteronomy Moses is reminding the people that they need to follow God and live the way he tells us to.


It's the same for us today - we also follow God and try to live the way he tells us to. 

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