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10th May 2020      Jesus feeds 5000.     Mark 6:30-44


Hi guys! 

Welcome to Kids Church today!

Last week we learnt about the arable of the sower, and hopefully planted some seeds!

Take a look how mine have grow

Send me photos if you’ve had any luck…. I know Florence and Paisley planted some, I hope they grew, just like we do when we read Gods word!!


Today we are going to learn about a miracle Jesus did while teaching people. He fed over 5000 people out of 5 loaves and 2 fishes!!! Crazy!!! Watch the YouTube video!




What a huge miracle, no-one was left hungry, AND he had leftovers!


We have seen over the last few weeks how Jesus can heal the sick, and now he provides for peoples needs, and he did this through a little boy who was willing to share what he had!

 God does the same with us, we don’t have to have a lot, just be willing to give what we have to God, so he can use us in ways we could never imagine!! Im sure the little boy never thought his small lunch could provide for everyone and be used in such an awesome way!


It doesn’t have to be money or things either, it could be we are kind to people, or helping your mum or teacher, or singing at church, these are all gifts that God can use to show people his love!


Today is Mothers day, maybe you can start by showing your love to mum and seeing how God uses that gift?


So what are some ways we can help Jesus like the boy in the bible who gave his lunch?

(Maybe share with others, tell others about Jesus, obey your parents, study the bible)


Jesus performed a miracle and provided bread for 5000 to eat, but he also said in the bible that he was the bread of life- that’s the best miracle EVER!!!! 


Let’s thank God for this, and that he provides for us! Also, we can pray for people who don’t have enough food that God will provide for them (and don’t forget Renz!)


Thanks Madi for your awesome paralysed man, well done!!!


Check out all the awesome craft ideas below- Claire and Kylie have got some cool things for you to do this week! Theres even a special craft to do for your mum! Have a good week,

Karen x

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