Sunday school 2/5/20. Mark 4:1-20


Hi everyone,

Welcome to Kids Church today! I hope you’ve had a great week, and have enjoyed going back to ‘school at home’ if you’re old enough to be there. Are your mums and dads good teachers? I bet they’re much better at being mums and dads hey?!!


In the book of Mark in the bible, Jesus was a teacher, and he used a thing called ‘parables’ to teach people some really important lessons. A parable is a story used to teach you a lesson. I once heard someone explain a parable as “an earthly story with a heavenly meaning”. Its pretty cool how Jesus told stories to help us understand important Christian truths!


Today, we are going to look at the parable of the sower.

Let’s watch a movie about it, Jesus says to his disciples “those who have ears to hear let him listen.” When he says this he is telling you to “listen up! Pay attention!!” So today, try and listen to the heavenly lesson God is wanting to teach you!


Read the passage.

That's a pretty cool story, but….. what does it mean for us? What is Jesus trying to teach us today with this story from the bible?



Let’s do a quick pop quiz and see how well we understand.


  1. Why did Jesus speak in parables? (So that people who wanted to hear the truth would hear it, but if you didn’t truely believe and want to listen, you wouldn’t hear the truth Jesus was speaking.)

  2. What were the different soils the seeds fell on it the bible? (Hard ground, stony ground, weeds and the 4th was the good soil.)

  3. Which soil does God want us to be like? (The good soil, so we will listen, learn and grow in him!)

  4. Is your heart good soil? How do you feel about Jesus, our church and the things of God? (If we aren’t excited for the things God loves, how about we pray and ask Jesus to help us get excited about him again.)



“Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you God for giving us the bible, that it is a clear instruction manual on how to live. Please help us this week to live the way you would like us to, and be the soil that takes in Gods word, learns from it, grows and shares it with others. Also, we pray for Renz, his family and the teachers that care for Him. Keep him safe, and help him to feel your love through those around him.  In Jesus name, Amen.


Have a great week,

Karen x


P.s. Thanks Gillard girls for your cool paralysed men! Awesome craft girls! 


Do you have some seeds that you could plant?

(if it is too hard you can change the puzzle to have less pieces...)

Have you made some craft? We would love to see it!  Send us a photo...