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Just For Kids

Some great online resources for kids of all ages. Let us know if you find something else that we could share.

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Kids’ Talks with Colin is a special new video series featuring short talks, Bible readings, prayers and of course, music! Developed in conjunction with Compassion.

Colin says, “God is bigger than the trees, and the buildings. He’s bigger than the rivers and the seas. And God is bigger than sickness and sadness and worry and badness.”

Find more great Colin stuff here.

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Compassion have some great kids activities to help children learn about their work and the lives of children around the world.   


Click here to see what children around the world say about Jesus as a result of sponsorship through Compassion. 

Print and color these sheets designed to highlight the work of bringing Jesus to children all over the world. 


Sign up with Quiz Worx for their new Home Delivery service. A free weekly show to encourage children in understanding who Jesus is and why we can always trust him.  Activities and family devotions are included.  

Check out more Quiz Worx stuff here.


The bible in 1-10.  Free coloring in pages that teach biblical truths.


From the lovely people at Catechesis Books. 

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Songs are a wonderful way to lift your heart and soul and no more so than with good truth filled Biblical lyrics. There are many helpful playlists out there but here are two options you may like.


Memorising Bible verses helps you to always have God's truth within easy reach wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Psalm 119:105 says, 'Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.' 

This organisation makes learning verses fun and easier by putting it to music. Why not try out learning 20 verses in 2020.


The Skit Guys are great fun and they have recently been making a weekly vlog about different Bible stories. Each go for around 15mins and will make you and your kids laugh.

Bedtime Bible Stories - by The Skit Guys.


This one is just for the parents but will greatly benefit kids. Deuteronomy 6:7 speaks about how it is primarily the parents responsibility to teach and raise children in their walk with God. But how do we do that well,? How can we be intentional in that? This website will give some principles, encouragements and examples for how parents can be 'Parenting for Faith.' Utilise their key tools or peruse their ever expanding resources of podcasts, videos, articles and more.

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