Our Paid Team

My name is Hamish. I've been at CCPC since March 2018 . 

I grew up in Wee Waa, a small farming community,

North West NSW. A big part of my childhood was being

a member of a great family church. I have been drawn ever

since to leading great family churches. A long time ago I was a

student here at Cronulla Pres. Then for 17 years Jo, our family and

I were in Ballina, leading a family church up there. 

Ballina was fun but we are glad to be back in the Shire. Our prayer is that Cronulla Pres would continue to be a great family church which grows other great family churches. 

I'm always up for a chat. If you'd like to catch up shoot me a message below. 

The position of Associate Pastor is currently vacant.


This is Julian, he was our Associate Pastor. Our church now partners with Julian and his wife Beth (+ their four kids) as they church plant in France.